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Oel Scott, AIA


Dr. Susan Moore

SCOTTMOORE was established in 2018. It serves as an Architecture/Engineering firm that has experience in the private and governmental commercial construction industry. Partnerships with Engineering firms and General Contractors have allowed to company to participate in projects all across the home state of Louisiana and beyond, extending ranks into the Washington, D.C. metro areas.

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic forced the company to re-imagine its way to get projects completed. The team transitioned to taking advantage of the virtual resources available to allow the current staff to participate in projects in a work from home setting. This flexible workflow offered the company the opportunity to take on projects that were out of the previously targeted work range. Partnerships with local firms to the project's region have strengthened Scottmoore's ability to develop a team uniquely qualified for the project at hand. 

Oel Scott is the primary project Architect. Dr.Susan Moore is the Sr. Business Manager.

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